1968 Pontiac GTO

Before and after dynamometer tests were performed on a 1968 pontiac GTO, with a 400 C.I. engine.  Testing by Ev Bernardo at EB3 Motorsports.

Peak horsepower increased immediately upon adding the MPG+ and continued to increase until the horsepower went from 195.6 to 205.3, a 9.7 hp gain or 4.96% increase.

Peak torque went from 268.5 to 281.4, a 12.9 pound-feet gain or 4.8% increase.  It must be noted that the initial tests were made in December and the tests at 200 miles were made in June, 6 months AFTER the initial tests.  The significance of this fact is that the power of a car is greater in cold weather, because the air is more dense, which means that the engine gets more oxygen. Therefore, the horsepower and torque the car is developing is actually GREATER than the test results show. The engine is actually continuing to increase in power, the longer the MPG+ remains in the engine.  Mileage tests have been performed on the GTO and it is getting 8% better fuel economy.

1968 Pontiac GTO Dyno