1985 Suzuki Samurai

I wanted to learn more about what the potential real beneficial effects of MPG+ were if it is added to the crankcase motor oil of a vehicle that did not have the sophisticated MAPS computer settings. For that reason, I suggested that we use my 1985 Suzuki Samurai, which I have driven to my speed shop every day for the past eight years. The operating settings for this vehicle are all made manually, i.e the timing, points dwell and the fuel/air mixture.  Thereafter, those settings remain constant. If the performance capabilities of MPG+ were going to be truly tested, my Samurai would be the perfect test bed to determine whether or not MPG+ can do all that is claimed that it can do.  MPG+ performed MUCH better than i had expected.  Before and after dynamometer tests revealed that MPG+ improved the Samurai’s horsepower from 45 HP to 53.8 HP and the torque from 108.6 Clb-ft to 129.4 Clb-ft, which is an increase of 19.56% for horsepower and 19.15% for torque.  I was so shocked, I ran the tests 3 more times, just to be sure there was no error.  THERE WAS NO ERROR!  In addition, the fuel mileage improvement was equally impressive.  The Samurai now gets 15% better city fuel mileage.

There is an interesting side note to the performance of my Samurai. As I said, I have driven the Samurai to work virtually every day for the past eight years. During my drive to work, I try very hard to avoid being stopped at a certain traffic light at an intersection that is located about a quarter of a mile from the bottom of a large hill. The reason for this is that if I get stopped at that traffic light, I have to drive the Samurai as hard and as fast as I can in an effort to get up to the speed limit of 45 mph before I get to the bottom of the hill. In the past, being able to do that has been impossible! The fastest I have been able to go is 40 mph by the time I reach the bottom of the hill.  Because I was not able to achieve sufficient speed, the Samurai slowed down to 35 mph as it climbed the hill, which results in the people behind me honking their horns, complaining that I am going to slow.

Shortly after completing the MPG+ testing, I got stopped at the problem traffic light. Fortunately, I have MPG+ in my crankcase oil, although, I had forgotten about it.  As is my habit, I drove the Samurai like it is my drag race car (as hard and as fast as I could), slamming through the gears and flooring the accelerator, trying to go as fast as possible before getting to the bottom of the hill. To my astonishment, by the time I had reached the bottom of the hill, the Samurai was going 45 mph, which is faster than it has ever been able to go.  When I started up the hill, the Samurai did not slow down; in fact it kept speeding up all the way to the top of the hill.  It has never been able to do that in the eight years I have been driving it to work.  This incredible increase in performance is due solely to the addition of 10 ounces of MPG+ to my engine oil!

Power and Mileage Test Summary by Ev Bernardo ~ EB3 Motorsports