2006 Cooper Mini S

The test protocol was that a standard oil change was performed by EB3 Motorsports, Inc. on a 2006 Cooper Mini S at 109,585 miles using Mobil 1 motor oil.  A sample of the fresh oil was drawn as Test sample #1.  The Mini was driven for 1,000 miles and oil  Test sample #2 was extracted. Then MPG+ was added, and the Mini was driven 200 miles.  Oil Test sample #3 was then drawn.  This drive and sample procedure was repeated two more times at +995 miles and +980 miles.  All of the test samples were sent to Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories, Inc., testing.  Each oil sample was tested using a sophisticated test method for determination of metals in lubricating oils and greases, specifically, Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emissions Spectrometry (ASTM D7303).  The full data sheets are available but here, we have summarized and graphed the impressive results below.  We have selected key elements from the oil sample to describe the changes.  For more information on why elements show up in this report, see BOB is the Oil Guy’s blog post.

Here we can see that iron and aluminum are the primary wear metals and that at 1,000 miles after the oil change these wear metals are present in the oil.  MPG+ was added, and after 2,200 additional miles were driven, for a total of 3,200 miles after the oil change, the amount of aluminum wear metal in the oil was 26% less than it was at the 1,000 mile test.  The iron wear metal in the oil was 15% less than it was at the 1,000 mile test. The driver of the vehicle also documented a 21.2% increase in fuel economy after MPG+ was added, going from 26.4 mpg to 32.07 mpg.  This test proved that MPG+ virtually eliminates wear and allows the engine to rid itself of harmful wear metals during normal operation!